Taking Stuff Apart: LCD Screen + Digitizer

Occasionally while tossing a scrap into the discard pile it occurs to me that the scrap is composed of multiple pieces, and that I could throw multiple scraps into the discard pile instead of just one.

That is what happened while I was throwing the broken LCD Screen + Digitizer from my GPS Screen Replacement project. From the get go this was obviously a bad idea, evident by the shattered glass. I've also taken LCDs apart in the past and know that the only piece of real interest is the polarized sheets glued to the glass, those sheets are a pain to get off so that wouldn't even be fun.

Regardless I opened it up and have slivers of glass stuck in my arm some sort of badge of honor:
LCD Disassembly

I skipped a few steps here. The bottom left piece is the actual LCD glass, the bottom right is the metal backing, the top right is the front glass and the top left is the backlight + reflective sheet + diffusive sheets which went between the metal backing and the LCD glass:
LCD Disassembly - 4 - Diffuser sheets

An exaustive post-mortem analysis of the device suggest that the malfunction had something to do with this piece:
LCD Disassembly - Oh, this is what was wrong

Pulling these sheets off was miserable, but I did it. I couldn't get a good shot of the polarization sheets though:
LCD Disassembly - 6 - Polarizer sheets

I found these little LEDs as the backlighting, I thought it was pretty neat:
LCD Disassembly - Closeup of backlight LEDs


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