Card Catalog to Parts Storage

Sometime last year I started kicking myself for missing the mass exodus of the card catalog.  I came to the obvious realization that these giant dressers full of small drawers would be perfect for storing small tools and parts.  Not only do they have a nice size but they're built like tanks, they're meant to be opened and closed all day long after all.

Well I finally have one, and it has been converted ever so slightly to be usable for storage.

It is on the small side, with only six drawers:
Card Catalog Conversion - Very well made

All that was really needed was to cut some rectangles from a sheet of hardboard and tack them in place with hot glue:
Card Catalog Conversion - Drawers

I can't complain about the results though, I still need to make new labels though:
Card Catalog Conversion - Done


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