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Netbeans Platform: Mac OSX App Bundle and Embedded JRE with Maven

One problem every Java Desktop developer has to deal with is that Java apps just don't act like native applications. Whether it's the JRE dependency, the swing look and feel, or just bad memories about slow performance in old versions of Java. On Mac OSX there is an additional hurdle where users expect their applications to be a .app bundle inside a DMG image with a shortcut to /Application allowing them to drag/drop the installation. The built in Netbeans Platform installer is nice, but it's a far cry from the native behavior. With that in mind, I'm going to describe how you can really step up your Netbeans Platform Maven build to include an OSX deployment with a bundled JRE all packaged up as an APP inside a DMG image. What a mouth full. All of the source code for my implementation in Universal Gcode Sender can be found on GitHub in this commit . The techniques used in this post were heavily inspired (and in many cases copy/pasted from) the Gephi project , which