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Custom UISwitch to show YES / NO

You can see this in action in my free water tracking application " Hydrate Yourself ". If this helped you please consider downloading it and leaving a review. One of the great things about iPhone development are that there are lots of user interface pieces that are easy to put together and customize. Unfortunately there are also a lot of pieces which don't have all the basic customizations that may people want. The UISwitch is one of those. Here is the standard UISwitch: Its size, colors, and ON / OFF text are not changeable. Fortunately there are several great re-implementations (and a few hacks that use restricted API calls) to modify all this. One that I am using is the RCSwitch class available here . I made two small changes to this code, first I renamed his RCSwitchOnOff class to RCSwitchYesNo and changed the labels to YES / NO. Second I added an init method to the RCSwitch.m base class which called the usual init function but provided the default frame size.