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OpenSCAD linear extrude that interpolates between two shapes

Full source code is available for this thing on thingiverse . OpenSCAD has proven to be an easy to use and flexible tool, but at times I'm left scratching my head to figure out ways around its limitations. In this case I had two squares with rounded corners, their sizes and the corner radius for both squares are configurable. Now I wanted a square tube to join these two pieces together. My hope was that I could get it close enough with some fancy parameters piped into the OpenSCAD linear_extrude function. It seemed possible since there are some pretty fancy parameters regarding rotations and twists. After checking out the documentation it didn't look like there was anything that would be close. For this project I found a module by Felipe C. da S. Sanches to create squares with rounded corners . I'm sure there are many like it, but this was the first one I found and it worked as advertised. So made a little module using this which wraps around a rectangle for