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This Way Up: First App Submitted

Free Version and Ad Free Version I've submitted my first app to the app store. The process was fairly easy. Hopefully a couple people will find it and be amused. At 99c this app which uses the magical iphone accelerometer is certainly a bargain. Here is a video:

Make a TAP with a MAC in Garage Band

I'm not a very fun person, so using a fun computer like a MAC is hard for me. Using fun software like Garage Band is even harder. I needed a TAP sound for a project I'm working on and this MAC is the only device I have with a microphone, and Garage Band the only program I knew of for doing audio stuff. This is the guide I wish I had earlier today. 1. Create a new Voice project:

iPhone App: This Way Up

I started working on a new project the other night.  It took most of the night but the proof of concept looks promising.  Take a look at the video below, follow the link to flickr to see it in HD.