Nuvi 760 Screen Replacement

This is how I replaced the LCD in a fairly new Garmin GPS device. The thing is not designed to be consumer serviced so it was a huge pain - likewise I couldn't find any information from other people who have been through the ordeal. Everything begins on ebay, where there were several vendors selling replacement LCD's. Be sure to get an LCD + Digitizer combination, it is likely to cost somewhere between $30 and $60.

Here is the damage:

Screen Damage

I was happy with the replacement kit - it came complete with some special screwdrivers. Specifically a very small philips screwdriver (which was actually too small) and a star shaped one that was needed to even start.
Replacement Kit

The first step is to crack the front open. This is not for the faint of heart and will take significant force and prying. There are tools for this type of thing but I used a sharpened flathead screwdriver. Expect to break a couple of the tabs. There are some cables that go between the two halves but you shouldn't need to worry about them.
Step 1: Crack it open

Here are the cables you need to remove, they're slotted so you don't need to worry about putting them back in the wrong way:
Step 2: Opened up

This PCB is attached to the LCD with a flexible cable so remove it carefully. I found that prying here dislodged it at which point it could be gently removed. The audio port and a little tab in the lower left are primarily what holds it in place.
Step 3: Pry here

Make a note of how this one is oriented, tweezers will help getting it back into place:
Step 5: Make note

Almost there, just need to remove this plastic middle piece:
Almost there

More prying is required, expect more damage to be done:
Step 7: More force

At this point I found out that the seller had sent me the wrong part. Note: It was the part he said he was selling, but Garmin changed what LCD is used. Fortunately he was able to source the part I needed and swapped it out with no questions asked - Just had to wait a few weeks for the round trip shipping back to Hong Kong, which turns out to be less than $3 for a small box. About a month later and I'm back in business:
Replacement screen matches!

Just a matter of putting everything back together now. The biggest issue is getting the flex cable seated correctly, you will need to have the LCD removed from the frame and the flex cable completely extended. Make sure its seated squarely, I had to take the whole thing apart a second time thanks to this mistake!
Step 8: Putting it back together

Getting the frame on is also a puzzle, you can feed the PCB through like this. Be sure to get the red and black cable plugged in when seating the PCB.
Step 9: Takes Finagling

You're basically done now, just snap everything back together and plug it in!


  1. Thank you so much for your clear instruction. I finally brave it and complete the digitizer replacement on my 760. Without your clear instruction, I don't I would even attempt!!! Thank you so much!! Bravo!!

  2. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad I could help. This is the guide I wish I had when I was tearing mine apart!

  3. very nice tutorial.

  4. Nice tutorial there, Will. I have a couple of suggestions. (1)Instead using metal pry tools, use a plastic knife. Run the "blade" along the nuvi's seam to pop the pieces apart. This minimizes (eliminates) damage to the case. (2)Unlock the connectors. The two widest of the three ribbon connectors have a black locking strip that hinges at the white connector. They're nearly impossible to see due the ribbon cable end's matching color - but you can FEEL them with your finger nail or screwdriver. Lift them up and away from the ribbon and the ribbon will fall out of the white connector effortlessly. If you can't find the unlocking strip, gently rock the ribbon back and forth while pulling away from the connector until it separates. The narrowest ribbon cable lacks the locking strip - gently pull and rock to disconnect. Reinsertion requires the locking strips be up all the way. Slip the ribbon cable into the white connector and press the locking strip onto the ribbon cable to lock it in place. The narrow ribbon must be pushed into the connector - there is a tab on either side of the ribbon to help grip it. (3)The small plug and connector visible through the SDHC card slot is for the microphone. If you don't use the BT capabilities of the nuvi, and are struggling trying to reconnect it - forget it. Tape it up and tuck out of the way.

  5. Thanks for the comment steve. You filled in a lot of details that I left out, especially your comments on (2). I guess those instructions are for the new version of the LCD + Digitizer, the one in my unit had only one ribbon cable coming out of it.

    I actually have a picture of both, because the seller on ebay originally sent me the LCD you described:

  6. Hey Will

    Exact instructions I was looking for! I haven't purchased my replacement part yet but wanted to confirm a couple of things...

    1. I have a cracked screen and the the touchscreen doesn't work anymore but the LCD picture looks great. Should I still replace the entire LCD component on my Nuvi 760?

    2. I don't want to have the same mistake you had with the incorrect purchase. Can you tell me what exactly I should look for/ask for on eBay? My 760 is about 2 years old, if that helps with versioning.

    3. If all else fails and I cannot fix it myself, are you interested in being hired out with help with mine? If you are still in the Hudson MA area.... so am I.


  7. Hi TG,

    1. I think it might be possible to replace just the digitizer, but I don't know if the ones they sell on ebay come with the glass front... probably not.

    2. Unfortunately it's a catch 22. You can't tell what piece you need without opening it up, but you can't open it up without the special screwdriver that comes with the LCD. I don't know any way to know for sure otherwise.

    3. I'm sure you can do it, but I might be able to help (you can send me a message on twitter or linked in, links are up top)

  8. Thanks for the quick feedback, Will. How will I know if it is the right or wrong part? What will look different or not fit right?

  9. If you take a look at the earlier comments, I posted a link to a picture of both pieces side by side. The cables are different.

  10. Winder

    Thank you very much for this post.

  11. this was awesome :) I just finished reassembling mine and it works great - I am stoked thank you. PS I just bought the digitizer (touch screen part)

    used a scalpel to cut off the old glass (which shattered) cleaned up the LCD with windex, re-used the black spong tape and put it all back together, as per your instructions.

    Super and I think I anly paid $4.50 for the glass from some sharp e-bay dealer in Hong Kong. Amazing. I confess I had little hope in it working but for $4.50 it was worth a try. Thank you for the instructions. Ben.

  12. Thanks for the instructions. Just finished replacing my digitizer and ran into a few problems. I broke the two black clips that hold the ribbon cables in and was about to give up but eventually got them to stay in place until it was all back together. Paid $3.60 for the digitizer on Ebay. Works like new now. Derek

  13. Thanks for the tutorial. Most useful instructions. As it happens, I also got just the replacement Digitizer which had cracked. I merely slid a scalpel between the old one and the screen to get it off and stuck the new one in.

    I encountered some problems (stubby fingers) getting the cables back into place, and then the larger two wouldn't appear to stay in place until I referred to here again and noticed that the black flaps need to be clicked back to hold them in place.

    The only other issue was the two initial screws. Unfortunately my repair kit didn't come with a tork bit so I had to try to find one. I believe the required size is T5 but at that size it has a tendancy to shear or slip. In the end, when putting them back, I merely filed a slot in each of them so as to be able to use a regular screwdriver (There goes the warranty probably, but I figure it was well gone one I opened it anyway!)

    So again, thanx for your most useful guid. It worked, perfectly as again does my Sat Nav now also!

  14. Will I have 760 LMT ( trucker ver) and can't find the part I cracked the screen also now I need LCD and digitizer can u point me where I can get them. Thanks

  15. Mishka, I ordered mine off eBay, there were a lot of people selling the non-LMT version. I don't know if they use the same part so I would probably take the GPS apart first and check if the LCD + Digitizer looks the same as the one you want to buy on eBay.

  16. Hi Will, thank you for this really useful info. I just love taking things apart! My problem with the 760 is that sometimes it is sensitive to my touch and sometimes it just doesn't want to know. The screen is undamaged. What I would like to know, is which parts do I need to order?



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