Taking Stuff Apart: Portable TV

Received a Magnavox BH3908 portable TV recently. I've always wanted to take apart a TV but didn't want to worry about dangerous voltages and tube disposal. Well this one runs off of 12v and the tube is very small, so hopefully neither of those will be an issue!

Its small size also makes it a great candidate for one of those fancy CRT -> Oscilloscope hacks I've been wanting to do.

Here it is:
Magnavox BH3908 Portable TV

It was a huge pain to open thanks to this one edge that was glued (meaning forcing it apart without knowing where the force was needed):
Magnavox BH3908 - Inside

Not a whole lot to it, I really wonder what that cylinder in the bottom of this picture is:
Magnavox BH3908 - Inside


  1. That cylinder is the flyback transformer, which generates the high plate voltage for the CRT.

  2. Flyback Transformer? lol Another way of saying...dangerous voltage....touch and you'll literally fly

  3. Hey I have a blog about taking things apart as well. Come check it out at explorehome.blogspot.com . Thanks!

  4. how much are they worth


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