Taking Stuff Apart: Oster Battery Charger

I came across a battery charger for some heavy duty animal shears.  The thing had a nice heft to it.  Inside there were a couple relays, a barrel jack, some big caps and a bunch of ICs which I haven't looked up the part numbers for.

After opening it up it was apparent the failure was a diode that somehow cracked in half.  There were magic smoke stains on the underside and everything.

Here it is, as always click the pictures for higher resolution and additional pictures:
Oster 48591 Battery Charger

Oster Charger - Bottom

Oster Charger - Opened

Broken part:
Oster Charger - Broken Part

Circuit board bottom, notice smoke residue near the top center:
Oster Charger - Circuit board


  1. Hi,

    Any chance to get a photos of battery pack inside?

    kind Regards,

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