Taking Stuff Apart: 8mm Projector

More treasures from the landfill, this is something I took apart a year or two ago. The only reason its still kicking around is because of the motor, which will be re-purposed in another project someday. There's nothing left to identify what model it is, anyone know?

There isn't much left for the front. Everything interesting has been ripped out including an old bulb, lens and a switch. The bulb's reflector was actually used in another project. In the top corners are a couple spokes which were probably used to attach the reels, film would go through the slot in the bottom right where the bulb and lens used to be.
8mm projector 1

Here is the back with cover removed, The wiring was redone after the switch was harvested so that when plugged in the motor turns on... which doesn't actually do anything more than prove the motor works.
8mm projector 2


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