Showing Gnome Workspace Names

One of my favourite things in Linux is having multiple workspaces. Something I didn't know until recently is that you could name your workspaces, and with a simple trick have the name displayed on your top or bottom panel.

1) Naming your workspaces. This one is easy and you've probably even noticed it before. Right click the workspaces icon and select preferences. Now just double click the text in the list box to rename.

2) After doing this the names will be displayed when you switch workspaces (Hold Ctrl and Alt, then press arrow keys).

3) Now the trick, right click your panel where you'd like the workspace name to be displayed and click the "Add to panel" option, find the "Workspace Switcher" applet and add it. Enter the preferences as before. Now select "Show only the current workspace" and "Show workspace names in switcher".

4) That's it. I noticed that it will shrink or grow to fit the longest workspace name, so I gave one of my workspaces a long name until it was the size I wanted.


  1. Love this! I tend to work on several projects at the same time, and I usually assign a different workspace to each project. Being able to determine the current workspace with a quick glance is extremely handy.


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