Make a TAP with a MAC in Garage Band

I'm not a very fun person, so using a fun computer like a MAC is hard for me. Using fun software like Garage Band is even harder. I needed a TAP sound for a project I'm working on and this MAC is the only device I have with a microphone, and Garage Band the only program I knew of for doing audio stuff.

This is the guide I wish I had earlier today.

1. Create a new Voice project:
1. Create New Voice Project

2. Click record:
2. Click Record

3. Tap like crazy. I used the Shift key, there are several other available keys you could use instead:
3. Tap

4. Tap Tap Tap:
4. Tap Tap Tap

5. Double click up top to get the bottom details. Play back to find your favorite segment.
5. Play Back Pick Favorite

6. Click the loopy arrow at the bottom, shorten the yellow bar at the top to shorten the track:
6. Select Area Shorten Track

7. Select export song to disk:
7. Export Song to Disk

8. Choose your quality:
8. Export As

The results speak for themselves:

This tap sound is free to use for any purposes if you leave a comment below saying thanks!


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