iPhone Splash View

I found THIS useful code for a class dedicated to displaying a startup image. Essentially it adds a UIImageView ontop of the current view then animates it away. The main use case is for the startup splash and it works nicely.

However there are a few cases where it almost fits other use cases, specifically for things like an About or Other Games page which might just have some small amount of static information. All it is really missing is an additional animateIn property to mirror the existing animate property.

Adding this required a few small changes, in splashView.h:
SplashViewAnimation animation;
SplashViewAnimation animationIn;
@property SplashViewAnimation animation;
@property SplashViewAnimation animationIn;

In splashView.m, synthesize the new variable and update the startSplash method:

Now in addition to using the splashView class for a startup splash image I can use it to display other static pages like so:
splashView *mySplash = [[splashView alloc] initWithImage:
[UIImage imageNamed:@"SomeImage.png"]];
mySplash.animationIn = SplashViewAnimationSlideDown;
mySplash.animation = SplashViewAnimationSlideUp;
[mySplash startSplash];
[mySplash release];


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