DVD Rip for PS3 through Mediatomb

For episodic content I like to rip my DVD's so that I can play them off my mediacenter (MediaTomb enabled PS3) one after another without worrying about disks. For Linux I use an application called "DVD::Rip" which makes this process fairly simple:

1) Set default video settings. These settings allow the final video file to stream to the PS3:
Default video codec: xvid4
Default container format: avi
OGG file extension: ogg
Default BPP value:
Default Clip & Zoom preset: No Modification (anamorph)
Grab subtitles while ripping: Don't grab subtitles
DVD::Rip - Step 1 - Set default video settings

2) extract VIDEO_TS folder from DVD to your computer. There's an option to have this be done automatically, but for some reason my computer tends to have issues reading the disk drive on occasion so I rip the VIDEO_TS folder first.

3) Create a new project. This will initialize most settings to their proper values, set in step 1.
DVD::Rip - Step 3 - Create new project

4) In "Storage" tab, click "Choose DVD image directory" and navigate to folder in step 2) (the one that contains the "VIDEO_TS" folder). Select "Encode DVD on the fly"
DVD::Rip - Step 4 - Choose dvd folder

5) In "RIP Title" tab click "Read DVD table of contents" to make sure everything is found. Highlight everything you want to rip. For my episodic content there are 11 episodes highlighted.
DVD::Rip - Step 5 - Select parts of DVD

6) In "Transcode" tab, make any additional modifications you want. I was ripping episodic content, so I lowered the target size from 1400mb to 350mb for each entry.

7) Save project! In case your computer freezes or something, save project now so that you can easily restart it!

8) Click "Transcode", if you click the magnifying class, you can get a nice little task list. Wait a few hours.
Screenshot - step 8 - Transcode, wait ...

Screenshot - step 8 - Transcode, finished!

9) Your video's will now be in the directory you set for "AVI directory", rename them and your finished.


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  2. hi,

    i'm trying to make a backup of a dvd. when I read the TOC it comes up with 99 entries.

    however, there are only 4 epsisodes on the dvd and a few extras.

    any advice?

    many thanks

  3. You should be able to tell by the file size / run time of each TOC entry.


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