MediaTomb + PS3

I like to stream audio and video content from my Ubuntu box to my tv and I have a PS3. The PS3 has Universal Plug and Play support. I tried a handful of UPNP servers including Vuze, GeexBox, uShare and MediaTomb. I stopped at MediaTomb because it worked for all my needs and had a snazzy web ui for the server.

There is a problem however. MediaTomb's development version has better PS3 support and some extra features which are nice (video thumbnails, dvd iso navigation, watched markers, probably others).

Building MediaTomb from source was a huge hassle the first time I did it due to ffmpeg and its various dependencies. When I built it yesterday however I found THIS guide. Which was almost perfect, I needed to modify the "nut" Makefile to compile with -fPIC, and ffmpeg has moved from libamr to libopencore-amr, so I needed to install the opencore libraries from source as well. Other than that its a GREAT guide and now I have a MediaTomb 0.12.0 build.


  1. You can easily handle problems just like that, I wish I was a Computer genius like you.


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