Taking Stuff Apart: Coffee Machines

These are some broken coffee machines I've had hanging around for a while. The cheapest Mr. Coffee that Walmart sells and some fancy Morphy Richards coffee/espresso machine. The fancy one was from my first and only Woot Bag of Crap - they sent me a broken coffee machine.

Rather than throw them in the dumpster I decided to take them apart then throw them in the dumpster. Here they are:
Coffee Machines Front

Not much too Mr. Coffee:
Mr. Coffee Inside

The pieces slid out and that was all there is to it:
Mr. Coffee Electronics

There's a lot to the other one:
Morphy Richards - Inside Bottom

Most of the pieces clip in so it took some brute force to pull them apart:
Morphy Richards - Front Panel

Some electronics for the front panel:
Morphy Richards - Front Panel Controller

The power circuitry was all hidden around back:
Morphy Richards - More circuitry

Pieces! I kept the heating elements from this one, maybe I'll make a little mug warmer or solder reflow table someday:
Morphy Richards - Parts


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